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Our approach is to provide unique, artful, elegant modern mugs and mealware for a unique customer experience. Our artisanal styles are a great fit for today’s individual and families who enjoy coffee, tea and nature.

But more than that, we want to give back to our communities and The Greater Good. We do this through our special program in which we select a charitable cause or even to support. We do this through promotions and through donating proceeds from sales from the site.

This month every purchase you make helps support OneTreePlanted.org. For every item our customers purchase through the website, we will plant one tree through OneTreePlanted.org. This is a great way to get high quality products and to support our communities - both globally and locally.

You can learn more about OneTreePlanted.org via the link below.

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You can also donate directly to OneTreePlanted.org via our partners page we have set up with them.

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You can learn more about our giving back program on the Greater Good page.

Modern Mugs and Marvels Greater Good program

We look forward to your feedback on causes that are worth supporting.

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