The Greater Good

Our goal at Modern Mugs and Marvels is to do more than create a successful business or even just creating amazing products. What we hope to do is make an impact beyond just the business for the better of our environment and the world around us.

Each month we assign a charity that will receive contributions from the sales of our products. We ask our customers to send us charities and causes that they believe are deserving of contributions from our customers - for the Greater Good.


For the month of August we have selected a very worthy cause. The charity we have selected is 

One Tree Planted - Modern Mugs and Marvels


This is a great charity that helps for such a worthy cause - planting trees all over the world. 

Since they have started, they have been dedicated to making it easier for both individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts.

They aid in environmental conservation and restoration across the globe.

This is a great cause about which you can learn more about by clicking on the link to their home page below.

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To help plant more trees, we are dedicating to plant one tree for every item that a customer buys from our website during the entre month of August. That means your purchase can help a very worthy cause.

Check back each month to learn about other causes and charities we support. And please send us any causes or charities you would like to see us support. To help make our communities better. To give back to The Greater Good.

In addition to a portion of your purchases going to a great cause, we have also set up a direct link with to help our customers donate directly to this noble cause. 

Here is the direct link to donate: Business Partners Donation Page