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Jungle Animals Succulent Planters - Set of 6

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    6 Small Cactus Pots with Drainage Hole featuring a Penguin, Koala, Panda, Tiger, Elephant, and Crocodile. These cute jungle themed succulent pots make great additions to your home or place of business. Use them as a home to your favorite cacti or other succulents.

    Each pot is hand-crafted and hand-painted. They come with a drainage hole to make them easy to use indoors. 

    Great gifts for both plant lovers and animal lovers. Each pot measures 2.5 inches at the opening. They are durable and artistic. 

    Items usually ship in 5-7 days. And we offer full refunds within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the product. 

    Buy yours today and take advantage of our special offer. 

    The Greater Good

    In addition to getting high quality craftsmanship with The Succulent Planter Series, every purchase  helps the greater good through our give back program. 

    This month every item purchased helps support For every item our customers purchase through the website, we will plant one tree through This is a great way to get high quality products and to support our communities - both globally and locally.

    You can learn more about via the link below.

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    You can learn more about our giving back program on the Greater Good page.

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