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Paint Your Own Succulent Planter - Dog Cat Turtle

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    Our paintable Succulent Planter Series is one of the favorites in our Marvels Collection. These adorable planters are a fun way to plant and grow your favorite succulents. And this series comes in a set of 3 - one adorable dog, cat and turtle.

    They come with three unique animal planters of a dog, cat and turtle for you to paint as you desire. And with a complete set of paints and two brushes. A fun paint do it yourself project for kids and adults! 

    Trendy animal succulent planters for your favorite succulents, cacti or small plants. The top opening between 2.5" and 3" wide. They are packed securely to protect your succulent pots during shipping.

    The minimalist handmade designs, make for a great desktop, bookshelf or windowsill display once you have it painted Hand-crafted, each planter pots measure approximately L 3 x W 3 x H 3 inches.

    Perfect for indoor use, the planters feature an underside drainage hole to allow water to quickly drain when watering.

    *Plants are not included*.

    The Greater Good

    In addition to getting high quality craftsmanship with The Succulent Planter Series, every purchase  helps the greater good through our give back program. 

    This month every item purchased helps support For every item our customers purchase through the website, we will plant one tree through This is a great way to get high quality products and to support our communities - both globally and locally.

    You can learn more about via the link below.

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    You can learn more about our giving back program on the Greater Good page.

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