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The Stout Series

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    The Stout Series of our mugs is the shortest version of our mugs. It may be smaller but it still makes a big impact with its physical appearance and the ability to customize your beverages with the strainer/lid combo that makes this one of the most utile mugs you can find.

    Beyond how easy-to-use this collection is, the designs of The Stout Series will bring a little extra life to your coffee or tea drinking experience. And carries just the right amount for the right occasion. 


    3.15" diameter

    3.74" height



    10.5 oz (without strainer)

    8 oz (with strainer inserted)


    The Greater Good

    In addition to getting high quality craftsmanship with The Stout Series, every purchase  helps the greater good through our give back program. 

    This month every item purchased helps support For every item our customers purchase through the website, we will plant one tree through This is a great way to get high quality products and to support our communities - both globally and locally.

    You can learn more about via the link below.

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    You can learn more about our giving back program on the Greater Good page.

    Modern Mugs and Marvels Greater Good program

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